I was raised on the southwest coast of France and come from a family of surfers. I started surfing at the age of five and still love surfing. My Family own two surf stores in Contis Plage including the 'Bali Surf Shop' and the 'Good Shop', where I have worked primarily in sales and retail.


Having grown up in this environment, I have always been curious and aware of current trends, design, fashion and retail marketing. 


I have been living abroad for 5 years to experiment different lifestyles and explore different cultures, first in Australia, then London and California. Last year, I came back to Australia and lived in Melbourne where I graduated with a Diploma of Visual Merchandising. As a Visual Merchandiser, it was very important to improve my skills in Graphic Design so I decided to move to the Gold Coast, enrolling in a Diploma of Graphic Design in Surfers Paradise. Today, I work as a Freelancer where I have the freedom to be as creative as I want to and be passionate every day.